Catching Up, pt. 1

To make up for lost time, here are  some of my favorite explores. I guess this will catch you up to speed:

Girls School:
Back in early 2008 a layer of melting snow covered the Massachusetts ground and caused my Puma’s to become very uncomfortable for the season. The constant squish of the fabric didn’t dampen my fun at one of the most well preserved locations I had ever been to.


Like something out of ninja movie, we blatantly walked in the open side door and found ourself within the dormitory section of the building. Security wasn’t much on our mind back then because not too many people frequented these parts. The first thing I noticed was the apparent lack of abandoned feel. The beds were made, clothing in it’s place, keys on their hooks.

Walking down the bedroom corridor I felt like I would suddenly see one of the students quietly sitting, suddenly turning to see a tall man with a camera starring strangely at her. An interesting feeling indeed.

I was still running off of a 4mp point and shoot back then, on loan from my parents, and the concept of “The Rule of Thirds” or “Backlighting”  was foreign to me. This location was not worthy of my amateur skills but it sure as hell was fun. There was every kind of unusual find there: Random paperwork, prehistoric electronics, and a few feet were commonplace throughout.

My pulse was slightly higher in the academic section of the complex. Cafeteria, classrooms, lockers, and [My favorite] LABORATORIES galore! It was like a science playground. There was ground glass for organic chemistry, preserved specimens for zoology, tree cores for forestry and an excess a of other trinkets spread out over every surface.

Even the lockers had their use.

There wasn’t a single room that disappointed; each held their own. However, there was one room that was better than all the rest; the attic. Overall, the attic didn’t differ too much from any other attic, and like most, was covered in a thin layer of bird poop.
I crunched the avian splatter under my shoes as I navigated through the fading light. As I made the corner the setting sun cast over the floor and lit the most amazing phrase I have seen in an abandonment. Just then there was a boner in the attic.

After hours of combing the building we decided it was time for a group picture. I will always remember that day; to old friends, and good memories!


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