Catching Up, pt. 2

To make up for lost time, here are  some of my favorite explores. I guess this will catch you up to speed:

Federal Prison

Another spring afternoon in my wet Pumas treading through shin deep snow. This time was again well worth the squish. I was first met by a wall; a 15ft tall cement wall. But with a helpful push up, and a hand grab later we were in. Though today demolished, she was a playground for many:

Every cell block was identical; rows and rows of small cells and shiny crappers with sinks built into the top. I wondered to myself how the steel walls would reflect the sound of the prisoners banging and shouting when this place was at active. It must have been hell. I couldn’t fathom myself surviving in such a place. The cold cell bars and communal bathing was enough, not to mention having to watch your rear whenever big Dale was near…

The blocks seemed to be endless. The only distinguishing features were the age of the walls; sometimes you would be in an area with clean, form molded concrete and others just whitewashed stone and wood. The history here was incredible. It was also interesting to see the evolution of the prison cells that were built throughout the years. In the earlier sections of the prison most of the gates were hand opened, all simply tied into a giant pull-lever. However, the newer sections were an interesting panel of colorful buttons and switches that begged to be thrown.

It may just have been the thousands and thousands of square feet to explore, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of disconnection. This place was made to keep you apart, separated, alone. There wasn’t any room for self expression within these walls, you were here for an adult time out. Maybe its just best to sit alone and think about it.


Even with every attempt from the administration to kill the individualism expressed by the condemned, there were still faint signs of the people that once lived here. Playing cards on the floor, an old toothbrush in the dirty sink, or a TV made of a cardboard  scrap.

It was my first prison, you will always remember your first.
Another successful trip with a great group of friends.

One Response to “Catching Up, pt. 2”

  1. I didnt know you had a site haha. I like that you put the Prison in there. Such a shame its gone. Fun day.

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