Catching Up, pt. 3

To make up for lost time, here are  some of my favorite explores. I guess this will catch you up to speed:

Childrens Center,

Looking back, I wish I would have had more time to see this place. The sun was only two hours from setting when we began our hike through the woods and past the active prison. We were going to see a hospital!

The first thing I remember thinking once we walked in was, “This place is filthy.” I think that everything in the building was either covered in asbestos or soot. But what this center lacked in hygiene, it made up for in relics. Any obscure medical product could be found just laying in a junk pile. I have a speculum hanging on my wall from just such a pile.

When I was rounding a hallway I came to a burnt out room with a wicker chair in the middle, this is where I met Leroy. He is the most chill dog ever…

The amount of decay here was very surreal; you felt like you were in a horror film. Long dark hallways with hanging twisted wires, dirty dentures smiling at you from the ground, wheelchairs  parked quietly in every shadow. Yepp, I was going to get murdered.

Putting my fears aside I moved on. After making my way through a few of the buildings I noticed, that like most older structures there was an original section and a section that was added after building was complete. Looking back at the pictures, it was not hard for me to tell what buildings were built first.  Word processing before and after:

In the center of the campus there were the dental clinics. For being a children based treatment center, they sure did have a lot of toothless kids…

And adult cribs…

But who am I to question the things I find in abandoned hospitals? I am just there to take pictures of it.
When we started to head out to leave, a little book caught my eye [or rather finger]. The only reason I am including it here is because it took me 5 minutes to frame the shot and I would be mad if I threw it out. Not at all how I wanted it:

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