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NEW: Site Partnership!

Posted in "A worldwide secret organization...", News on June 12, 2012 by Send4Help

Sending 4 Help is excited to be announcing our new partnership with Urban Exploration Magazine! Through the sharing of resources and talent we hope to help bring some of our favorite forgotten areas to a larger audience. Please check out our continuing article series in their online publications.

And as always, check back here for new and hopefully intriguing content!


Posted in News on May 15, 2012 by Send4Help

Somewhere in the deep, dark underbelly of the internet you have landed on a collection of articles that involve exploring the structural trash that man has left behind. This collection called, Sending 4 Help was started by an anonymous explorer code-named, “Send4Help.” Easy right? Here you will find articles written by Send4Help and many other Guest Writers and Photographers that document the historical and often fascinating remnants of our architectural past.

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